Runa Kanzaki

Some Japanese girls appear shy & innocent even when you know that's not the case

Runa is a young lady who loves cosplay and has a collection of costumes that she wears on various occasions, in and out of the bedroom. She works full time but enjoys dressing up on her days off. She got into it through an old boyfriend of hers. Cosplay led to chakuero which eventually led to nude modeling. She told me it excites her knowing that guys are getting turned on by her photos.

One thing I've learned from my time in Japan is that the Japanese absolutely love girls in costume. It's no wonder cosplay has become such an international phenomenon, there's just something about a woman in costume/uniform that grabs our attention. While it's not a theme I employ often in my shoots, I don't think many would be opposed if I featured more sexy models in costumes. If you love cute and innocent-looking girls in school uniform, then you'll certainly enjoy seeing Runa bare all in this photo set.


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