Mizuho Shiina

It's always nice when the wind lifts up a young ladies skirt and you get a glimpse of her panties

But if that young lady is Mizuho Shiina, chances are you'll probably see something more exciting than cotton or silk. I have gone out with no panties on she told me, it's so liberating. But it's not something I do on a regular basis she added, and I would never do it when catching trains. I didn't even need an explanation for that one, it would be a win for gropers and creeps who film up skirts no doubt.

Mizuho was confident and made sure I photographed every inch of her lovely body. She would pose erotically and ask how's this? Or how about if I do this? All the while she would drop little nuggets of sexual wisdom like: I keep my pussy shaved so I can see every inch of penetration during sex. And my favorite: I prefer giving guys anal stimulation with my tongue as blowjobs can be tiring on my jaw. Mizuho's conversation was as explicit as her poses, she's definitely not shy about opening up..

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