Adorable Kaori returns for a shoot in a love hotel styled like a European palace

It seemed each time I photographed Kaori, the location was completely different than the last. For this particular shoot I chose a luxurious palace-themed hotel outside of Tokyo. It was the perfect backdrop for the lovely and sensuous Kaori. Turns out it was the last time I photographed her, as soon after she met a famous Japanese photographer who claimed her as his own exclusive model.

Kaori is one of the few models I would run into on a regular basis around Shibuya, Harajuku and Aoyama. The last time I saw her she was with that particular photographer at the opening of a ritzy art gallery. We started talking but I could see he wasn't interested in people acknowledging her more than him so he quickly whisked her away. She is well known in his work, and I don't think she has modelled for anyone else since. So if you would like to see Kaori in her early days you've come to the right place.

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