Izumi Yoshikura

Izumi works in one of the high class hostess clubs in the trendy Ginza area

Before work she starts her day with some exercise, a healthy brunch, and then scans the latest business and finance news on her tablet. She explained that it's an important part of her preparation when entertaining politicians and leaders of industry. She chooses an elegant dress for the evening, gets her hair and makeup professionally done, then dashes off to catch a taxi to her upscale lounge. Around this time, the elite workers of major corporations will be leaving their offices in search of fine whiskey and good conversation with elegant ladies like Izumi.

A former event companion and model, Izumi got lucky when she was offered a job in one of Ginza's ritziest clubs. Obviously establishments like those are reserved for the rich and famous, not for your typical cheap suit Joe Salaryman. If you can't afford to pay for lavish gifts like expensive clothing, jewellery, cars and foreign trips, then you certainly won't be able to afford the drink prices ($2000 for a bottle of cognac!). I asked her if she provided any other "services" besides pleasant conversation. Oh you mean sexually? She asked all innocently. Well let me put it this way, if you spend on me what some of my regulars do I'll let you find out. Ooh wicked girl, I love it!

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