Honami Isshiki

It was a very cold and windy day in Tokyo when I photographed Honami

But that didn't bother her, as one thing she loves about winter is the clothing. She has a wardrobe full of fashionable threads, which isn't surprising since Japanese women love shopping and dress very well. I've come to the conclusion that women don't dress to impress men, because we horny creatures are really looking past the fabric to determine the shapes underneath. Wouldn't you agree?

One thing I'm sure you'll agree with is that Honami looks good in and out of her garments. So once the room was heated she shed her layers and was naked for the duration of the shoot. Time ceases to exist when you're photographing sexy naked women, I become so focussed I often go overtime. So when our session ended and she put on her clothes, I wondered where the time went. Don't worry, she said, there's always next time. I was too busy contemplating the mysteries of time and space, but I do recall that she said something about going shopping. And with a smile and a twirl she was gone.

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