Hikaru Aoyama

A friend introduced me to Hikaru and he recommended her for my next shoot

She was this petite and innocent looking young girl. So I said sure, why not. Before photographing new models I often look at what kind of work they've done previously. Hikaru has quite an extensive erotic resume, and from what I could tell it seemed she really enjoys what she does. There's nothing worse than watching porn starlets, strippers, or nude models perform with an unhappy or bored look on their face. Ugh.

It's true many girls I've shot have done more than just nude modeling so obviously it's not a big deal. So for our shoot I decided to leave the digital camera at home and use my little point and shoot film camera instead. I like the atmosphere it brings to the images, and with Hikaru's set it was if she was posing nude for the very first time. Even the old and dusty hotel room I photographed her in, stood in contrast to her young and playful demeanour. Hikaru's photos are part of the analogue erotica series of My Private Tokyo.