Eri Shibuya

Eri is a retail worker from Hokkaido who came to Tokyo to shop, party, and try nude modeling

She has been in a relationship for many years, but was bored and wanted to try something adventurous before she settled down. She left her boyfriend behind in Sapporo, and told him it was a girl only weekend. I'm fairly certain she omitted the part about the nude modeling too.

She explained that she loves living in Hokkaido and would never move to Tokyo, even though it's more exciting and the shopping is better. She told me she was also toying with the idea of doing some adult videos, but hadn't decided to take the plunge yet. My boyfriend doesn't watch porn so he won't find out, she said. I just nodded my head and remembered a story that happened to a friend of mine. His girlfriend was secretly doing porn but it was another friend who made the discovery..


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