Blondie hails from the Kingdom of Denmark, confirming my perceptions of Scandinavian women

She came to Tokyo during her world tour as an exotic dancer. This is what a body that doesn't drink, smoke, or consume sugar and caffeine looks like. She's well travelled and highly paid, and she chooses when she works. The only drawback being that performing on a pole night after night - no pun intended - leaves her with a lot of bruising on her legs.

She certainly stood out in Japan, and always turned heads. Once we were at a café when I saw some guy with his wife and kids pull out a video camera and openly started filming her. As she was wearing a miniskirt I could see he was trying to get some upskirt action. It made me realize that what women wear often determines how we treat them. Food for thought eh. Excellent model and awesome lady. Exclusive model at My Private Tokyo.


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