Aya Kiritani

Nineteen year old Aya is a country girl who visits Tokyo on occasion

She told me she only visits Tokyo once or twice a year if she can, but plans to move here once she finds a job. She loves her home town but realizes it's time to leave and create a life for herself. Tokyo is such a vibrant place that it gives her energy and makes her feel anything is possible. I could never do this kind of thing back home, she explained. Everyone knows everyone else's business so I'm careful about what I do there.

Aya saves money to be able to catch the bullet train into Tokyo. It's more expensive than flying she told me, but it's such a wonderful experience that she prefers it over 'cattle' class any day (I have to agree with her). I learned that Aya has never been outside of Japan and visited another country. I'll see the world one day she said, right now I'm just enjoying what Japan has to offer. Aya is a passionate country girl with an erotic side to her that even surprised me.


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