Akemi is an avid cosplayer about town who has appeared on well known cosplay sites

She said cosplay was fun but it was only a hobby. She decided to try nude modeling as it was very similar in many ways. The Japanese sites I appeared on required me to pose in an erotic fashion anyway she told me. So the leap to doing nude was only a small one. Many girls use cosplay as a stepping stone to becoming an idol, but the path is crowded with so many pretty girls wanting to become famous.

Savvy models with good marketing skills might do some artistic nude work to create a buzz about themselves. But Japanese girls won't go as far as releasing a sex tape to become famous. I cannot imagine getting any work outside of porn if I did that here she said. Besides if you've ever seen Japanese TV you would know why I have no aspirations to be a celebrity. She told me if posing nude was the craziest thing she would do in her life then she's totally fine with that. Akemi's photos are part of the Analogue Erotica Series of My Private Tokyo.


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